Business Operations Management

Policy and Process Development

Organizations operate more efficiently when they work within a structure. Policies and processes that are tailored to a company's specific needs are an essential part of a corporate structure. Policies allow all staff members to know what is expected of them, as well as what they can expect from the other members of the organization. Procedures offer a company a clear picture of the optimal operating and production systems.


Operating Budget Preparation

The ability to anticipate the financial activity of a company is crucial to achieving the desired success. Thus, income and expenses must be carefully planned and tracked. Developing a detailed budget is one of the first steps to determining the level of success that is realistic to achieve.


Human Resource Management

The staff of a company is often their most valuable asset. It is essential that each staff member be evaluated to identify their strengths and skills. Balancing the components of the staff allows the company to fully maximize the value of this significant investment.


Organizational Development

Organizational Needs Analysis

The profitability of a company is greatly influenced by the efficiency with which it operates. An analysis of the current situation within a company can identify operational gaps or misdirected efforts. The analysis can also identify elements that contribute positively. These elements can be maximized to the benefit of the overall operation.


Maintenance Planning

Once an organizational system has been established, maintaining the improvements is essential. A Maintenance Plan, including existing elements as well as incremental additions, assures that the advances that have been achieved will be retained.


Corporate and Social Event Planning

Venue Selection and Arrangements

Venue selection is a key factor when planning an event, whether corporate or social. The venue can determine the ambiance of the event, as well as the logistical viability of the location.


Program Development

When planning any event, the goals of the event should be identified in advance. This allows for the proper development of the desired program. Advance planning can be the difference between the success and failure of an event.


Materials Preparation

It is important that the materials prepared for an event reflect its purpose and theme. From the pre-event promotion through the post-event follow up, the intended message must be communicated in a clear and consistent manner.